We are all about in-person experiences and events that foster authentic human connection and meaningful networking. For us – if we haven’t experienced it in real life – it is not real(ish).

We love organizing magical experiences and events that are memorable, impactful, mindfulness/wellness and social good-focused and sustainable. 
We have organized, led and facilitated at over 50 events over the past years in USA and Europe. We have developed and built a set of robust tools, guidelines and systems for event organization and promotion. We have a vast network of professionals across different fields around the world. We know how to organize an engaging, insightful and financially successful in-person experience, tailored for any requirement.

Reach out to us if you would like to co-create one of the following:

  • Conscious fashion talks, panels and conferences
  • TED-talk style presentations
  • Think tanks and workshops on innovation, social impact & sustainability
  • Classes and lectures on variety of topics within a conscious fashion and technology industries
  • Start up weekends and hackathons
  • Accelerator programs & incubators

Invite our founder, Nataliya to speak at your event or lead a panel on one of the following topics:

  • Sustainable and ethical practices as a basis for any fashion business
  • Emerging business models in fashion industry
  • Retail Innovation in fashion 
  • Circular Fashion – technologies that are “closing the loop”
  • AI, visual recognition and automation for sustainability
  • Digital-only fashion as the next big industry movement
  • Blockchain for transparency and traceability in fashion
  • Solutions for mass customization and fit in fashion
  • Textile innovation for sustainability

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