Welcome to Balanced Fashion.

Whether you own the next big product in fashion tech space, or a brand ready to rock the world of the direct to consumer business – you need advice, preferably a quality one. From someone who has worked in your space for years and knows all the ins and outs of the business. In addition, you care about our Planet and the environment and want your business to be ethical and forward-looking, considering the times we live in right now and the shifts in our consciousness.

Congratulations, you are in the right place. 


We are the team of industry experts that are here to bring meaningful changes to the fashion and technology industries and make the world a more balanced, meaningful and peaceful. We help startups be sustainable from the ground up – both inside and out. We aim to show businesses that making money is only the result of the bigger energy shift that we are part of.

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Launching a fashion tech startup or a brand and don’t know where to start? Have a special feature idea for your company and curious how to make it happen?

The fashion industry is evolving rapidly and we are here to guide companies like yours to find a clear purpose and create a meaningful product that will bring joy to the customers, benefit the industry and contribute to saving our environment at the same time. We are experienced in market research, positioning, value definition, plan a set of resources needed to build it, and… we all love it: prioritization.

Together, we will:

  • Evaluate, shape and fine-tune your idea
  • Create a product deck for partners & investors
  • Strategize your approach to its implementation
  • Answer all your business questions
  • Find the unknown unknowns and have them covered
  • Plan out steps to bring your ideas to reality
  • Make sustainable practices an intrinsic part of the business strategy
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Build a groundbreaking business solution and want enterprises to go crazy about it? Need to find a way to reach big companies with your product?

There’s so much noise in B2B space today, but nothing to worry – we will help you cut right through it. With our years of expertise in both fashion and technology fields, with our vision of what the future will look like – we will help you reach the right companies and offer the exact product they need. Along the way, we will make ethical business decisions and get to the highest revenue clients without sacrificing your company’s values.

We are going to:

  • Screen and group potential clients
  • Prioritize groups by business size
  • Tailor the solution for each group
  • Strategize the initial reach out process
  • Plan for meetings and follow-throughs
  • Get those deals closed
  • Have sustainable practices benefit both you and the client
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You know your market niche, you’ve developed your awesome product. Now what?

Let’s get to work. We’re experienced in project planning and implementation. We are hands-on project managers and enjoy getting our hands dirty with fine and technical details.

Balanced Fashion will help you:

  • Build company operations systems and project flows
  • Provide documents and email templates
  • Plan out a basic information systems architecture
  • Put together lists of business resources
  • Define goals & implement market research/user testing groups
  • Plan for and find the right talent
  • Create sustainable-first business practices
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Lost in technology? A little secret: you don’t need to create everything for your fashion or tech startup to build that product you have in mind. Our team is experienced in both building technology from scratch, in-house and outsourcing and managing tech talent and integrating with existing solutions. Find the right partners, create the right integrations and be impressed how far your company can go using other people’s tech solutions.

Balanced Fashion will provide advice on how to:

  • Set technology goals and define implementation needs
  • Find and approach potential platforms and tech partners
  • Screen, test, hire and manage web developers
  • Assess, plan and implement various integrations
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Your demo is up and running and you are ready to start scaling your team and getting your product to the next level?

Great, time to get some funds raised. We know how investors think, speak and what they do and even what they eat. And most importantly, understand what they are looking for. Let’s team up on approaching them and get them hooked.

Balanced Fashion is here to:

  • Define the target amount to raise
  • Screen potential investors/VCs
  • Plan approach to reach out to investors/VCs
  • Create a winning investor deck
  • Coach on pitch planning, practicing and fine-tuning
  • Find speaking opportunities at panels & conferences
  • Screen offers, help negotiate and have those deals closed



Wondering what makes a brand or a tech company sustainable? We know the answers. Can you be one? Yes, but you need to know about different aspects of it and the pitfalls and most common mistakes companies make while attempting to go ethical.

We will help you with:

  • Define your realistic sustainability strategy
  • Learn about sustainable supply chain management
  • Create sustainable design and product development processes
  • Find appropriate ways to handle waste
  • Market the company’s sustainable angle



Want to better shape and develop your own multitude of talents and apply them at your startup? Or simply want to become a better leader or a team member that everyone looks forward to working with? Or, as we all are, in search of a meaning and fulfillment in your life? Not to brag, but we are experts in making everything we want out of ourselves. We believe that everything is truly in our own hands and we are here to prove you that. We help you think of yourself as a fashion tech startup – you are here to be fabulous on the inside and out.

Together, we will:

  • Define your life purpose
  • Create measurable goals and a vision board
  • Prioritize your activities
  • Learn to set intentions
  • Manifest your dreams in reality
  • Read your energy & find out about your innate purpose
  • Create a 3-card Tarot spread on Past, Present & Future


Have any questions? Contact us to find out more about our services and pricing and to book your complimentary 20-minute business overview session!