Welcome to Balanced Fashion, a conscious fashion tech consulting agency.

At Balanced Fashion, we understand what most fashion companies are currently missing – a balance between ethical and material aspects of doing business. The industry has been out of balance for a several decades now and we believe that today, along with the Global shift in consciousness it is the time to build a new, more sustainable, healthier and ethical fashion industry that utilizes technology, embraces innovative approach to business development, creates space for experiences and collaboration and promotes conscious consumption.

Whether you are launching the next big idea in the fashion tech space or have an idea for a fashion brand, you need a professional advice, preferably a quality one that comes from the future vision of the industry. From someone who has worked in your space for years and knows what works and what doesn’t anymore. At Balanced Fashion, we will help you create a conscious business strategy as we care about the well-being of our planet as much as being financially successful. We believe that every business should be ethical and forward-looking, sustainable at its core and only then the monetary results will inevitably follow. The consumer is becoming more and more conscious, their lifestyles are changing, and we believe that businesses need to be at the forefront of this global consciousness shift.


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Launching a fashion tech startup or a brand and don’t know how to prioritize your time and energy? Have an idea for a digital product feature for your start up and not sure how to make it happen?

The fashion industry is evolving rapidly, and we are here to guide companies like yours to find a clear purpose and create a meaningful product that will bring joy to customers, benefit the industry and contribute to saving our environment. We are experienced in market research, positioning, value definition, resource identification and allocation, and we understand how to prioritize your needs.

Together, we will:

  • Evaluate, shape and fine-tune your idea
  • Create a product deck for partners & investors
  • Strategize your approach to its implementation
  • Discover the “unknown unknowns” and have them covered
  • Plan out steps to bring your ideas to reality
  • Make sustainable and ethical practices an intrinsic part of your business strategy
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If you’re a fashion brand, navigating the world of wholesale can be daunting, and we are here to help you by providing the pros and cons of working with retailers vs going direct-to-consumer. We have 10+ years of sales experience under our belt to successfully guide you through the process of strategizing a sales approach.

Balanced Fashion will provide advice on how to:

  • Assess the benefits and challenges of selling wholesale vs going direct
  • Work with sales agents and showrooms
  • Plan what materials you need to prepare for the sales market
  • Speak with buyers and build sustainable partnerships
  • Prepare for what direct-to-consumer business entails
  • Set up and manage your e-commerce store
  • Balance wholesale and direct-to-consumer business models
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Lost in technology? A little secret: you don’t need to create everything yourself in order to build that product you have in mind. Our team is experienced in both building technology from scratch, in-house and outsourcing and managing tech talent to integrate with existing solutions. Find the right partners, create the right integrations and be impressed with how far your company can go using other people’s tech solutions.

Balanced Fashion will provide advice on how to:

  • Set technology goals and define implementation needs
  • Find and approach potential platforms and tech partners
  • Screen, test, hire and manage web developers
  • Assess, plan and implement various integrations
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We are building a community of like-minded individuals who care about the environment and the health of our Planet as much as of our own health and well-being. Balanced Fashion events are a space for us to connect authentically, learn, brainstorm, create and follow up on each other’s progress.

We believe that only when a change on the individual level happens, the Global impact will follow. We can’t change any industry, unless we change ourselves, our habits and the environment we identify ourselves with. If the population is healthy and happy on all levels, and if individuals are connecting with their higher selves and follow their true life purpose, the collective consciousness will start shifting and every choice made on the individual level will eventually affect the industries. Our community is set to support and promote the shift towards the higher well-being of our Planet.

  • Events, workshops and retreats brainstorming and organization
  • Educational program design and implementation
  • Strategic collaborations and cross-marketing with other companies
  • Corporate wellness program development


Your demo is up and running and you are ready to start scaling your team and getting your product to the next level?

Great, time to get some funds raised. We know how investors think, speak and what they do and even what they eat. And most importantly, understand what they are looking for. Let’s team up on approaching them and get them hooked.

  • Define the target amount to raise
  • Screen potential investors/VCs
  • Plan approach to reach out to investors/VCs
  • Create a winning investor deck
  • Coach on pitch planning, practicing and fine-tuning
  • Find speaking opportunities at panels & conferences
  • Screen offers, help negotiate and have those deals closed


Feeling that something is blocking your startup from lifting off, but not sure what it is?  We will help you to see your business from a higher perspective and find those blind spots that may have been standing on the way, blocking the success to come through. We will learn how to identify any negative limiting beliefs and patterns, and replace them with new, positive programs that create opportunities for abundance. Your startup is an extension of you, so let’s work together to make sure your entrepreneurial life reflects your truest self.

In each session, we will:

  • Evaluate the current situation, help look at all the projects from a bird’s eye view
  • Identify blocks, issues and “unknown unknowns”
  • Help re-define, shift and replace those blocks with new, healthy opportunities
  • Identify any personal issues that may be on the way of creating a sustainably successful business
  • Identify strengths and available actions of the highest point of excitement
  • Create new practices and structures for shaping a better version of the business utilizing the strengths and lessons learned
  • Build conscious business operations that encourage the abundance to flow more effortlessly
  • Overview, define and understand your industry, customers, and trajectory of where the market is moving – physically and energetically
  • Make sure your startup goals are aligning with this trajectory or set to pivot into a new, healthier trajectory that you would like to create with your product


Would you like to discover, shape and develop your own multitude of talents and apply them at your startup? Or perhaps you simply want to become a better leader or a team member that everyone looks forward to working with? Or maybe you are searching for a true meaning and fulfillment in your life? Not to brag, but I am an experts in manifesting into reality anything I set my eye on and I can help you learn that skill too. I believe that everything is in our own hands and I am here to help you connect with your inner Superman/Wonder Woman.

In each session, we will:

  • View your life from a higher perspective
  • Discover and define your life’s purpose
  • Notice your talents and strengths
  • Notice unhealthy programs and internal blockages
  • Replace these programs and blockages with self love and gratitude
  • Create measurable goals and a vision board
  • Prioritize your activities
  • Learn to set intentions in anything you do
  • Learn to manifest your dreams into reality
  • Learn and experience the power of gratitude and self-love
  • Notice misbalances in your energy field and learn how to heal yourself


You feel like you need a boost of self-confidence to develop your career several steps further, and manifest your dream lifestyle? Do you feel stuck halfway towards your goals and not sure where to go next, because those goals are no longer fire you up? I’m here to help you come back to your heart center and remember your life purpose and adjust your goals to align your current values. What is TRUTH to you? During our session, we will keep asking this question until you get an answer that feels right. Then I’ll help you create the life that is reflecting that TRUTH.

Nataliya will coach you how to: 

  • View your life from a higher perspective & remember your purpose
  • Define your current values and recognize what is TRUTH to you at this present moment
  • Notice any programming running in your system that blocks you from following this TRUTH
  • Replace those programs with love and gratitude (We will be conducting clearing ceremonies for that)
  • Now that you have created the space of love and openness within, define what you would like to manifest that directly reflects your purpose
  • Create measurable goals, a vision, define feelings and affirmations, connected to the goals
  • Create a manifestation practice – that builds up towards your goal on all levels: energetically, mental, emotional and physical
  • Check-in for refinement of goals and practices
  • Notice misbalances in your energy field and learn how to heal yourself


If you are ready to expand your consciousness and dive deeper into your spiritual journey, this is the perfect option for you. Each session will be designed specifically for your needs.

In each session, Nataliya will coach you to a combination of the following –  depending on your specific needs:


  • Remember your life’s purpose and align your goals towards it
  • Connect with your higher self through meditation and channeling work
  • Overcome doubt experiencing intuitive feelings and while channeling
  • Protect your energetical field from energy vampires, release & guard off any spirit “attachments”
  • Connect to your spirit guides and soul group
  • Interpret your dreams and visions in your meditations
  • Step into the abundance of life, release any limiting beliefs
  • Ground your spiritual insights into the current reality and given situations
  • Detach from ego and outcome, trust in what is beyond imaginable
  • Connect with your body, and learn to tune in to its guidance


  • Use the power of your heart like a magnet to attract clients and projects that are aligned with your TRUTH
  • Develop a habit of saying “NO” to what is less than TRUTH to you
  • Learn to see opportunities beyond your imagination
  • Create space for new, unknown yet powerful opportunities to come in
  • Notice old programs in business practice and replace them with new, healthier programs
  • Remember the state of flow and absolute focus to optimize work time and energy
  • Create streams of passive income that align with your values
  • Experience freedom and effortlessness in public speaking – channel for work
  • Grow in confidence showcasing and acting from the authentic YOU
  • Create a broader heart space for yourself and others


  • Create an idea of a perfect partnership (Business, friendships or romantic)
  • Set clear goals for each of your partnerships and communicate them
  • Learn the power of authentic relating and clear communication between partners
  • Learning from triggers and pain points caused by relationships
  • Help partners notice their unhealthy patterns and reflect them back compassionately
  • Connect to communities that are aligned with your values
  • Help others in their spiritual development, while amplifying your own

I use Tarot cards, intuitive channeling, and astrology as guiding tools to help me tap into your energy field and notice any blocks and old programs that are no longer serving you, point out your strengths and see how it is best to integrate them into your life.

Have any questions? Contact us to find out more about our services and pricing and to book your complimentary 20-minute business overview session!