We are building a community of like-minded individuals who care about the environment and the health of our Planet as much as our own health and well-being. Balanced Fashion events are a space for us to connect authentically, learn, brainstorm, create and follow up on each other’s progress.

We believe that only when a change happens on the individual level, can the global impact follow. We can’t change an industry unless we change ourselves, our habits and our environment. If the population is healthy and happy on all levels, and if individuals are connecting with their higher selves and following their true purpose in life, the collective consciousness will shift and every choice made on the individual level will eventually affect industries. Our community is set up to support and to promote this shift for the well-being of our Planet.

Balanced Fashion can help you with:

  • Event, workshop and retreat brainstorming and organization
  • Educational program design and implementation
  • Strategic collaborations and cross-marketing with other companies
  • Corporate wellness program development

1:1 Purpose Coaching

Want to better shape and develop your own multitude of talents and apply them at your startup? Or simply want to become a better leader or a team member that everyone looks forward to working with? Or maybe you are searching for true meaning and fulfillment in your life? Not to brag, but we are experts in turning wants into reality. We believe that everything is in our own hands, and we are here to help you connect with your inner Superman.

We will guide you to:

  • Discover and define your life purpose
  • Create measurable goals and a vision board
  • Prioritize your activities
  • Learn to set intentions
  • Learn to manifest your dreams into reality
  • Learn and experience the power of gratitude
  • Notice disbalances in your energy centers and heal yourself